The colour that unites everyone.
The colour that gives meaning to every women.
The colour that transforms girl to women.
The colour that bleeds through them.
The colour that makes them strong inspite up all the cramps they get.

The colour that stops them to open their wings,
Stupid superstitious customs, behind that game.
Although, there are many people,
Who won that game.
Inspite of all the chains, clenched them tightly.
They won that game.

Red, gives them strength to fly.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no boundations.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no chains, that clenched them.

The colour of their lips,
Which gives sheer glow to their face.
Strength to empower their power.
The colour which unites everyone,
Is the reason for our seperation too.

This patriarchal society,
Wanted us to be down and down.
They can’t see them to fly.
They can’t see them to rise.

But, Oh My Dear,
This world is changing so fast.
The era of mobilization is spreading so fast.
Chains that you used them to clench us,
Is the key to our success.
Is the key to our success.

© Dakshali Gupta

Image taken by instagram


  1. Dakshali , you have made an extraordinary piece which is widening eyes as well as mind’s coil. How smartly the worthy tight truth was coated with simplicity. I am summing up my reply that your every line has a powerful verse and your brilliancy collect these all types in a single piece.
    Thankyou to share worthy lines.


    • Thank you so much, Kishan.
      I am really humbled by your comment. I don’t know what to say right at this moment.
      Really thank you very much.
      Thank you for the support for always being there for me.


  2. Ohh let me make story more interesting a new character enters that’s white since white and black are best friends and white is annoyed that black is giving more importance to pink. 🤣😅😁


  3. The great depths you have gone to explore the world of red to make a statement about freedom is literally beautiful ❤


    • Yes, you are right Madhuri.
      Thank you loving this. I know this is very common topic, but I haven’t write something about this, so just penned it down.
      Again, thank you for your sweet feedback 🙃


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